The Dandelion Project is a multiplying network of Home Churches who seek to reveal God’s Kingdom wherever we live, work and play.

We do this by being:

  • Disciple-Makers - We believe that all of life works best when we are active learners from (or disciples of) Jesus. God calls each person both to be a disciple and also to be a discipler of others. In every situation we ask, "What is Jesus saying, and how am I responding?”
  • On Mission - We exist as missionaries wherever we live, work and play, seeking to recognize what the Spirit is already doing and to partner with Him in advancing God’s Kingdom. We seek to raise up and empower new leaders to follow God’s call, and to multiply every Home Church every year.
  • Naturally Supernatural - We are fueled by God’s presence, goodness and love, and prioritize time with Him. We carry God’s authority and power into our city, living as spiritual people in public ways. We love to pray with those far from God and enable them to encounter the Father’s love and goodness.

Starting from Long Beach CA, we expect to see Home Churches multiply and spread to cities across the region and beyond. This will form the basis of a network that serves a broad range of expressions of church life meeting in homes, workplaces, colleges, gyms, parks, etc., with regional leadership and celebration gatherings forming over time.

We also recognize that, alongside planting Home Churches from scratch, we are to act as resourcers of existing churches and networks, in a spirit of partnership and ‘Kingdom first’ mindset. With this in mind, we love to connect with other leaders to see how we can collaborate and help see their God-given dreams come about. If that’s you, please contact us.