Discovery Bible Studies

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We are committed to becoming and growing as disciples of Jesus. The word that the New Testament uses for ‘disciple’ can also be translated ‘learner’, or ‘apprentice’. In other words, following Jesus is far more focused on obeying the little that we do know over gaining yet more knowledge that we don’t live out (in a typically blunt way, Jesus calls that foolishness and hypocrisy!)

We want to become women and men, and girls and boys, who are intentionally trying to model our lives after the example of Jesus. We know that we can’t do this in our own strength, which is why we value the empowering of God’s Spirit, the encouragement and accountability of Jesus-centered community, and the wisdom that comes from the Bible.

Our primary tool for reading the Bible is called ‘Discovery Bible Study’, which is a simple yet powerful model of reading Scripture that has come from the church in the Developing World.

It is characterized by spending time engaging with a specific passage of the Bible, asking two key questions: What does this passage reveal about God, and what does it reveal about humanity? Participants are free to share whatever they believe - it is conversation, not syllabus - and to keep coming back to the anchoring text for that study.

Out of that conversation two very simple follow-up questions naturally flow: If this passage is from God, what should change in how you live, and who needs to hear the truth of this story this week? The whole purpose of reading the Bible is life change, as we encounter the love and truth of God that we have mined from that passage.

We use Discovery Bible Study in many of our Home Church gatherings, and we also offer it in between times for those who are spiritually hungry. We try to do that in very small groups of 2-4 people, and keep those times to under an hour.

If you would like to have a Discovery Bible Study, please use the contact form to let us know!