We place a high value on prayer, as we can do nothing without God’s empowering presence. To see a city transformed by God’s goodness requires a deep dependency upon Him.

Part of our culture is that we commit to turn to prayer first, before we offer all of our clever ideas!! We do this in a huge variety of ways - don’t be surprised to see this happening mid-conversation - and in particular through prayer gatherings.

There is something powerful and weighty about coming together for a time of worship and intercession, where we honor Jesus and seek His presence, wisdom and direction. We will pray into situations, needs, opportunities and dreams, trusting that together will gain greater clarity as to our next steps.

Alongside corporate prayer meetings, we also call the network to times of prayer throughout the month, which may include fasting, prayer walking, suggestions for prayer, and the sharing of prophetic insight that is felt to be particularly pertinent.

Details about prayer gatherings are shared in Home Churches - check with your group leader for the latest.