We LOVE having children and teens as part of The Dandelion Project! We believe that children are deeply loved by Jesus, that He wants to impact and shape their lives for good, and that each girl or boy can meaningfully encounter God’s presence on a daily basis - and share that with others. .

In Home Church gatherings the involvement of children and teens happens in a variety of ways, partly determined by their age and the flavor of the group. What we have found is that the organic, extended-family style works really well at naturally enfolding kids into the community, where the “It takes a village…” ethos means that the pressure is not just on parents to guide and steer their children during our times together.

Some weeks younger children are just antsy and won’t engage - and that’s okay! Groups are flexible enough to create room for kids to have some space or time to play. More generally, groups recognize that there are parts of the gathering that work better with younger children, and then there are other more intimate points where they might need to be released to play or have some separate kid-focused input.

And when we go out to serve and impact our wider community, we encourage groups to include kids as much as possible. Those experiences often prove to be highly formative.

Teenagers also find Home Churches to be positive experiences, and generally they are old enough to sit alongside the adults and learn how to join in the more weighty conversations that are taking place. That is how we invest in the next generation and help them become mature disciples of Jesus.